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Her Majesty's Sound: Esperanza

ID: 7640111310136
Released: 13th September 2004
P 2004 Sonic Content. Exclusively Licensed to Majesdisque
© 2004 Sonic Content. Exclusively Licensed to Majesdisque
Type: Audio / Music

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Summer 1936: Luxury-liner « Esperanza » leaves the port of Buenos Aires. Aboard on a quest for happiness and light heartedness, South Americas' rich and beautiful and with them for their entertainment:
The « Her Majesty's Sound » Orchestra.

After a journey of 33 days, contact to the ship is lost – she and her passengers have never been seen since. The only indication of her disappearing is discovered years later: A telegram sent by a passenger to his fiancé, describing strange light appearances in the sky.

Summer 2003: Recordings of « Her Majesty's Sound » are
discovered in an estate. Parts of those and the mixture with contemporary urban sounds make « Her Majesty's Sound » resurrect again, as if this was a distant message from the widths and depths of the Ocean.

Link for more information : https://www.hermajestyssound.com